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There are many troubles a company may face online: It might not be visible enough on the Internet, because nobody can find it on Google; you have a great product at hand, but no idea how to sell it in your online store; you can’t judge whether you are doing a good enough job with your website.


Our advisory center for online marketing, called BIEG Hessen, can help you with all your Internet activities. It specializes in helping those companies that are too small to have a marketing department of their own, and often have to juggle limited budgets.


The services of the BIEG range from confidential individual consultations to seminars and information brochures. It also hosts an annual website competition that honors the best websites of small companies in Hesse. All of those services are impartial. All but the seminars and workshops are free.


The BIEG is a joint effort project funded by four Hessian Chambers of Commerce and Industry: the Frankfurt am Main CCI, the Offenbach am Main CCI, the Hanau-Gelnhausen-Schlüchtern CCI and the Fulda CCI. While it is located in the Frankfurt CCI building, it caters to members of all those chambers.


Get a website check


At the BIEG, we provide various types of individual counseling services for the companies in our CCI districts. They range from feedback on the quality and effectivity of your website to support in finding the right social media strategy. We are happy to provide this service to established companies as well as startups.


If you speak German, you can find out more about our consultation services here: Beratungsangebot des BIEG


For an individual appointment, contact us at 069 2197 1380,


Individual counseling is an exclusive service for members of the CCI Frankfurt am Main, Offenbach am Main, Hanau-Gelnhausen-Schlüchtern and Fulda.


Take a class


We host over thirty online marketing seminars per the year, inviting experts to teach you about anything from web design to e-commerce, search engine optimization, social media, or online marketing strategies. You can find a list of all upcoming events on our website.


Read a brochure


We regularly publish new brochures, each meant to give you a short and succinct introduction to one online marketing topic, such as how to buy ads on Facebook, or how to optimize your website for mobile devices. They are available as free PDF downloads, in German, on our website. Likewise, you can follow the BIEG Blog to gather new bits of knowhow once a week. 


Sign up for the Hessian Website Award (Hessischer Website Award)


Each year, we award a prize to the best website of a small or middle-sized company in Hesse. Any owner of a business website is invited to sign up, whether they are a member of a CCI or not, as long as they have no more than 250 employees and are based in Hesse. (follow this link to find a full list of all eligibility requirements) An expert jury chooses the best website, factoring in aspects such as web design and usability, search engine optimization, customer interactivity, lawfulness, and innovative uses of the online marketing channels.


You can find out more about the award here:



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