FIAC: Frankfurt International Arbitration Centre of DIS and CCI Frankfurt

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Frankfurt International Arbitration Centre

of DIS and CCI Frankfurt

in the Frankfurt am Main Chamber of Commerce and Industry

Börsenplatz 4
60313 Frankfurt



FIAC services for the enterprises:

- FIAC: Rooms and facilities for international and national arbitral and other proceedings of alternative dispute regulation (ADR)

- At the Frankfurt International Arbitration Centre - FIAC- events are also held on arbitral jurisdiction and ADR

- The bodies of the FIAC consult on arbitral jurisdiction, arbitrage: DIS (German Arbitrage Institution)

on arbitral jurisdiction, arbitrage, mediation and expert determination: Frankfurt CCI

Frankfurt am Main Chamber of Commerce and Industry has actively been supporting enterprises for years in solving conflicts, in particular by provision of tested extrajudicial proceedings for alternative dispute resolution, ADR. Alternative dispute regulation has the benefit that, unlike judicial dispute proceedings, it not only ends the conflict, but also can form a positive foundation for the continuation of the business relationships. The essential benefits of this kind of dispute regulation are above all the short-term, favourably priced solution of the conflict doing justice to the interests and the satisfaction of both parties.

Arbitration proceedings with the CCI have a long tradition. The Arbitration Ordinance of Frankfurt CCI makes reference to the Arbitration Ordinance of the DIS (German Arbitrage Institution). This ordinance forms a good foundation for holding national and international proceedings. The proceedings are administered by the DIS, taking the arbitration venue of Frankfurt into due account. This cooperation guarantees a constant standard on an internationally recognised level.

For many years now, the CCI has also operated further institutions for conflict solution: arbitrage office for commercial disputes of Frankfurt CCI and the Frankfurt Bar Association, agreement office for settlement of competition disputes and arbitrage committee for vocational training disputes.


To take the rising requirement of the economy for alternatives to judicial assertion of its claims into account, the Frankfurt International Arbitration Centre -FIAC- was founded by von DIS and Frankfurt CCI to support the international arbitration venue. For this, the DIS and Frankfurt CCI have concluded an agreement on the set-up of the FIAC, which is to be available for international and national arbitration proceedings.

Alongside preparation and organisation of proceedings of alternative dispute regulation, the focal point of activity of the FIAC is provision of specialist information for the economy, for example by publications in the Internet and holding events, but also individual consultancy. The FIAC provides rooms and matching facilities in the building of the Frankfurt CCI.

ICSID arbitration proceedings in the Frankfurt International Arbitration Centre -FIAC-
The International Centre for Settlement of Investment Disputes (ICSID), the institution of the World Bank for settlement of international investment disputes, and the DIS concluded a cooperation agreement in 2005. Thanks to this agreement, the FIAC has in general been acknowledged as a possible venue for holding ICSID arbitration proceedings (more detail information) according to the ICSID Convention. ICSID concerns itself with juristic disputes between states and foreign investors and provides them with the possibility of making their claims against a state directly.

Frankfurt as arbitration venue

Selection of the arbitration venue is an important prerequisite for successful arbitration proceedings. From a legal point of view, applicability of mandatory procedural directives at the arbitration venue, acknowledgment by state courts and determination of the nationality of the arbitration award and thus the enforceability of an arbitration award are important for practice. Germany is a constitutional state with a predictable, reliable legal culture, which provides a proper and practice-orientated solution, even in complex case constellations. Arbitral jurisdiction, as private jurisdiction a genuine alternative to state judicature, has had a tradition in Germany since the 19th century. German arbitral jurisdiction law, which is based on the UNCITRAL model act, was placed on a modern, internationally acknowledged and forward-looking foundation some years ago.

But practical considerations also play a great role in the selection of the arbitration venue: a modern and efficient infrastructure, easy accessibility for all the parties, availability of suitable premises for holding the proceedings and also the existence of further services and facilities such as technical equipment on the premises or organisation of interpreters.

With a view to its positive location factors, Frankfurt am Main offers outstanding conditions for such an arbitration location. Geographically alone, Frankfurt is in the middle of the developed EU. The companies acting here possess outstanding relations to both the western and also the eastern states. Frankfurt as a financial and service centre with an international alignment has a significant international degree of familiarity. On account of the significance as an economic venue, a variety of experts from numerous branches, who can be considered for appointment as arbiters, are based here. In addition, Frankfurt CCI provides publicly certified and sworn in expert analysts for a variety of areas, who can technically support and consult the arbitration courts if required. In addition, a benefit of the premises of Frankfurt CCI is not only the existing standing, but in particular the neutrality and immediate vicinity to the economy. This is geographically documented by the fact that the CCI and the Frankfurt Securities Exchange have shared a joint building since the 19th century.

From the FIAC, which is centrally located in the inner city of Frankfurt, hotels and restaurants of all price classes are only a few minutes’ walk away.

Further information: DIS (German Arbitrage Institution)