Alternative Dispute Regulation (ADR)

1. Extensive fundamental information on alternative dispute regulation (ADR), (economic) mediation, arbitration, arbitral jurisdiction etc. as well as specific forms



2. Offers by Frankfurt Chamber of Commerce and Industry for enterprises on alternative dispute regulation (ADR)


Frankfurt International Arbitration Centre - FIAC:


ICSID arbitral proceedings in the Frankfurt International Arbitration Centre - FIAC

FIAC: Rooms and facilities for international and national arbitral and other proceedings of alternative dispute regulation (ADR)

FIAC: events on arbitral jurisdiction and ADR


Written mediation in disputes between enterprises (E-Mail)

Arbitration office for commercial disputes

Arbitration Court of Frankfurt Chamber of Commerce and Industry

Agreement office for settlement of competition disputes

Committee for the settlement of disputes between trainers and apprentices  from an existing apprenticeship relationship

Appointment of ad hoc arbitrators, arbiters, mediators by application (E-Mail)

Appointment of expert arbitrators (E-Mail)

Mediation: support and provision of economic mediators (CCI)

Training as an economic mediator (CCI)



3. ARBITRATION OFFICES for members of Frankfurt Chamber of Commerce and Industry:

Institutions and organisations of alternative dispute regulation, which could be interesting for members of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry