Publicly certified Experts

Publicly certified and sworn expert analysts - independent and neutral

The designation “expert analyst” (German: "Sachverständiger") has not been legally protected in Germany. The consequence: even analysts without sufficient qualifications call themselves expert analysts and are active on the market. In order to distinguish real experts from such providers, German legislation provides for public certification.

It certifies that the expert analyst is particularly qualified in a specific specialised field.

In addition, publicly certified experts are sworn in to act independently and neutrally. This means: third parties to whom analyses are customarily presented can rely on the results. Such a neutral analysis simultaneously strengthens the client’s reputation and position: he is not suspected of relying on an unjustifiable, biased analysis. Because they are independent and neutral, publicly certified expert analysts are preferred when courts of law appoint analysts - the codes of proceedings of German courts also demand this.

Publicly certified experts do not have to be active alone. They also work in teams, engineers’ companies, laboratories or examination companies. However, they are always personally responsible for their performances as expert analysts.

Qualification - permanently monitored

Only experts with outstanding qualifications are publicly certified. To receive a public certification, they must subject themselves to an extensive examination procedure. And after that, their work is under the permanent monitoring of the appointment corporations commissioned by the state (in Germany, this is above all Architects’ Associations, Chambers of Trade, Chambers of Industry and Commerce, Engineers’ Associations, Chambers of Agriculture). This also means that publicly certified expert analysts can lose this status again - if their qualification no longer fulfils current requirements. In addition, publicly certified expert analysts are also examined as to whether they are reliable and personally upright. Only then are they allowed to bear the sought-after seal of quality.

Tasks and commissions - analysts, consultants and arbitrators

Publicly certified expert analysts not only produce analyses establishing facts or determining causes. They consult and are also responsible for regular examinations and monitoring, they analyse and assess. And they are active as arbitration experts. That is to say: two contracting partners can determine that they recognise the technical opinion of an expert analyst as being binding. In this way, both parties quickly ensure legal security, for example with the question of whether the quality of a delivery or service fulfils the contractual agreement or whether plant has been installed functionally.

Due to the bandwidth of specialist fields, there is no standardised remuneration order. Private clients and expert analysts freely negotiate their contracts.

Legislation - trust and security

Anyone commissioning publicly certified and sworn expert analysts is given security for entrepreneurial, judicial and private decisions. It was precisely this fact which moved German legislation to introduce public certification. The fact that the state acknowledges the specific qualification of these experts and the specific quality of their service facilitates selection of experts for companies, courts and consumers and guarantees that the analysis does justice to high requirements.

Public certification and swearing in - a sign of expertise

The demand for expert analysts’ services is increasing all over Europe. Courts and also consumers who require the knowhow of a German expert analyst are faced by the central question: how to find a qualified expert analyst?

The answer is easy: if you commission publicly certified and sworn-in expert analysts, you receive a service of high quality - in Germany and also in the European Home Market. 

Signet for publicly certified experts
A sign of quality + logo

To find the right expert straight away in the flood of providers on the experts’ market, the German Institution of Experts, Registered Association, (IfS), which is financed  by the individual Chambers of Industry and Commerce and the experts’ associations and organisations, has developed a seal of quality, which only gives publicly certified and sworn experts the possibility of presenting themselves on the market with a high recognition value. In addition, the introduction of the signet with the experts certified by the IfS is a forward-pointing way of making references to the specific qualification of German experts in Europe as well.

The signet is awarded via the IfS. Further information can be obtained from the IfS, Institute for Experts, Registered Association.