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Regional Development (Policy)

FrankfurtRheinMain is one of the most dynamic economic regions in Germany. This standing is confirmed by a nationwide survey undertaken by DIHK in the spring of 2002 involving some 20,000 companies across the country. It ranked Frankfurt in first place as the most attractive business location. This is where the heart of business beats.

Furthermore, the traditional banking center has developed almost unnoticed into the German Internet and telecommunications capital where the central network nodes of the Federal Republic come together. The numerous advertising and PR agencies testify to Frankfurt’s position as a media and communications center. At the same time, the city is well on the way to assuming a leading role in the field of biotechnology. Frankfurt is also still the number one financial center on the European continent. It is the headquarters of the European Central Bank and has the third-largest stock market in the world. All these factors combine to make Frankfurt the financial capital of Germany.
Wirtschaftspolitik und Metropolenentwicklung