Innovation - Environment

Innovation and Environment

If you want a competitive economy, you have to support the competitiveness of the enterprises. The CCI acts as a turntable in technology transfer and in e-commerce. As a consultant in environmental protection and energy questions, we make you fit for the structural change in the economy.

Our objectives

  • Supporting small and medium-sized companies (KMU) in innovation efforts
  • Supporting technology transfer (universities - enterprises)
  • Attending to interests and information on operational environmental protection and on energy questions
  • Strengthening the region as a research and manufacturing location
  • Supporting regional and nationwide networks in growth branches

Our service

Environmental and energy consultancy
  • Electrical and Electronic Devices Act (ElektroG), Packaging Ordinance, Circulation Management and Waste Act, RoHS Directive
  • Energy-saving measures, change of purchase in electricity and gas
  • Events (new technologies, current environmental subjects)

Innovation consultancy
Active support in all questions to do with:
  • Research and science
  • Products, processes and methods
  • Support and financing of innovations
  • Patents and licences
  • CE identification and standards
  • Innovation, knowledge and quality management
  • Technology-orientated formation of enterprises

Internet and e-business consultancy
  • Individual consultancy
  • Specialist events and seminars
    (search engine optimisation, website design, Internet law etc.)
  • Homepage checks
  • Guidelines and checklists
    (the 7 deadly web design sins, law in the Internet, usability etc.)

Technology transfer
  • Support of knowledge and technology transfer in Hesse
  • Technology consultancy and easier access for KMUs for research


Environment / Energy
Eva Knöll
Tel.: 069 2197-1219
Fax: 069 2197-1423

Innovation / Technology
Eva Homburg
Tel.: 069 2197-1426
Fax: 069 2197-1497

Internet / E-business consultancy
Efthymia Stopler
Tel.: 069 2197-1380
Fax: 069 2197-1497